Both my children have been receiving tutoring from Helen for the past eight years. As a Deputy Head Teacher and Special Needs Co-ordinator in a local primary school, I understand the value one-to-one support has in enabling children to reach their full potential. Helen is a highly qualified specialist teacher and the lessons she carefully plans are personalised to my children’s interests and learning styles. As a result she has developed their confidence as learners, which I believe is key to succeeding at school. – F.H.

Helen’s tuition over the past few years has transformed my daughter from a Year 10 student with difficulties structuring her written work into a Year 13 student armed with the strategies and skills she needs to write complex A-level answers. Helen is unwavering in her encouragement and support and her lessons are always conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. She has given my daughter the confidence to express herself on paper. – F.R.

The benefit we have seen with our younger son was so great that we decided to send our older boy to Helen for his GCSE English preparation. As with Jack, the real value we have gained is that Ryan is now more confident in all of his written work, which was a weak area, and even his spoken English is now much more mature and diverse.

Helen is much more than a tutor, she has a bond with my boys. I have seen her use different approaches to perfectly match their personalities. I know she makes them work and use their brains.

My wife and I would not hesitate to recommend Helen in the strongest possible terms, to anyone interested in developing their children’s abilities, confidence and self-worth. Helen has played a significant role in helping my boys mature and I know that they both hold her in the highest regard. – P.M.

We are absolutely delighted with the progress our son has made since he started to have Helen as his tutor. She has given him confidence in himself and his work. Helen is always very calm and extremely kind with our son. She is able to understand his difficulties and moods on any particular time, so therefore adjusts the lesson appropriately. Whenever we collect our son from Helen’s, he always tells us that he has done really good work and he has enjoyed the lesson (he always has a smile on his face when he is with Helen).

As parents, Helen has been extremely supportive to us too and has provided us with information on how we can help our son and has given us tips for when he is doing his homework.

We cannot recommend Helen highly enough, following the progress our son has made. Such a lovely lady. – J.S.